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 Minecraft 1.8.1 Update Features

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PostSubject: Minecraft 1.8.1 Update Features   Mon Aug 06, 2012 6:06 am

- Biomes are MUCH larger and uniform than before

-Swamp biome was added to the list of existing biomes - look for vines on trees!

- Vines
Can be collected with shears, in the manner of leaf blocks. Vines will grow on any surface they are placed on

- Beef and Chicken added

- Strongholds - spawn once per world

- Ruins (basically strongholds on the ground)

- Giant mushrooms (Do not generate yet)

- Silverfish

- Creative mode
Allows flying, insta-break, unlimited items from an item palette, no damage, and more

- Abandoned mine shafts

- Endermen
Normally passive, these night-spawning mobs will teleport to (and attack) you if you look directly at them. When defeated, they can drop Ender Pearls, which presently do nothing

- Bow charging
Variable damage with charge, can also land critical hits. Additionally, attacks can crit if you hit a player or mob when descending from a jump

- Sprinting
Run faster, knock mobs back that are hit during a sprint - appears to deplete the hunger bar faster

- New high-quality Main Menu

- Chest animation (lids open, close)

- Player list on SMP; Server listings

- Setting gamemode on SMP "/gamemode username 0/1", 1 being Creative and 0 being Survival

- Hunger
Depletes slowly over time, can be filled by eating food. At 9 more more bars, you will regenerate health slowly.

- Eating animation

- Arrows stick to mobs

- Xp bar (Gain xp from killing mobs and other players)

- New lighting engine (Colored lights, smoother lighting)

- Clouds are now at the ceiling of the world

- Cave spiders

- Zombies drop rotten flesh, which can be consumed

- Watermelons (as well as watermelon and pumpkin seeds)

- Glass panes
These can be crafted at a crafting table by making a 3x2 grid of Glass Blocks - makes 16 panes. These panes can be placed in lines, corners and crosses, and they will adjoin with the nearest adjacent block.

- Iron Bars
Created by making a 3x2 grid of iron ingots at a crafting table. Can be placed in the same manner as glass panes

- Brick, Stone Brick stairs

- Smooth stone brick
Can be crafted by placing Stone in a 2x2 grid, makes 4 Stone Bricks

Currently there is no confirmed release date for this update.
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Minecraft 1.8.1 Update Features
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